Knit Apart

There’s been a lot of silence around here lately, due to some major upheavals in my life. In short February 2007 has sucked and I’m glad it will soon be over.

The day I got back from weeks and weeks of working in Los Angeles, my husband and I decided that we should end our marriage. It was a mostly good run, we had some wonderful times together, but the last couple of years have been pretty painful and we feel like we would do better apart now.

A week after that, last Saturday, our beloved cat, Chutney, passed away. She had Chronic Renal Failure for a couple of years and was slowly declining. But the end was sudden and sooner than we expected. I’ve never been a knit blogger who focuses on my cats, but you can visit her memorial for photos and memories.

So, this weekend, I’m heading home to Michigan to spend a few days with my sisters. I’m scheduling a trip to Threadbear Fiber Arts in Lansing. A place I’ve wanted to visit since before it opened. After I get back, there will only be a couple of days left in this horrible month.

I have done plenty of knitting this month, I hope to start sharing it soon. For now, I’ll leave you with the hat and scarf I finished for my husband. Tying off loose ends, if you will. The scarf is a simple herringbone stitch. The hat is a tight rib. Both are made with Burgundy Brown Sheep Lambs Pride.