Winter Watermelon

This is the hat that my sister picked up at Threadbear.

Well, my interpretation of it.

It’s based on the Knots and Spirals Hat by Sarah Peasley and it’s made with Cascade 220 Superwash. I think Lisa really liked the stuff on the top. In fact, she asked me to make the spirals longer than the pattern called for.

I asked her to pick two colors, and I think it was her undoing. She’d pick up a ball of yarn, and put it with another, and then put them both back and repeat the process. Finally, I told her to wander around the store and look at all the samples until she saw a color combination she liked. That worked. She pulled me over to a scarf that was mostly black but had some pinks and greens in it. So we walked back over to the Cascade bins and I picked up the two colors in the hat first thing and surprised her. How the hell did I do that?! I think it looks like watermelon.

Anyway, she thought the store sample wasn’t quite long enough, so I added one more section of the striped band. Personally, I still think it could be a bit longer, but it is long enough.

It was a quick knit, but maybe too quick. Because looking at it now, I see a stitch that should have been purled. Oh well, I’m my own harshest critic. Dare anyone else to find it.


  1. Chris:

    It’s really cute!

  2. stacey:

    how adorable! the colors look so cute together!

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