Following the herd…

One of the projects I made last month was a couple of Calorimetrys. After my huge Los Angeles Yarn Safari, I went to visit Compatto Yarn Salon on Jocelyn’s advice. I had a nice time and ended up being convinced to buy a ball of 127 Print to make Caliometry (and they even printed the pattern out for me!). I realized that I was heading up to Vancouver for a Barenaked Ladies concert the following weekend and that I’d sent all my winter gear back to MA. So I would need ear covering. I ended up grabbing another ball of something else to make another one for my fellow northward traveller, Kathleen.

So, without ado, here they are…

First, Kathleen’s. I made it with a ball of something now mysterious, because the yarn label has since disappeared. I vaguely remember it being something wool and acrylic, and that it was really soft. I knit it on the plane (so it’s a 2-hour knit, folks). And as such, the photo was taken in the Vancouver airport before Kathleen flew back to San Francisco. You’ll notice that the setting is a little different from where I usually pose my knits. To get a simple background and enough light, I perched up on a chair near an internet station. I’m sure I was no weirder than the Super Bowl fans cheering in their respective sections of the terminal. What I like about this one is that somehow, the striping worked out to be mostly symmetrical. Couldn’t have done that if I tried to.

Then the one I made for myself. This one is with the 127 Print.

And a close-up of the button I chose for both of them: