What Not To Wear: U.S. Customs Edition

I visited a number of yarn stores when I was up in Vancouver last month. I had intended to take careful notes and write up another safari post. That fell through somewhere. But there was one store where I bought tangible souvenirs, so I can document that. One must-see store was Urban Yarns. I got a couple of balls of something silky with a nifty scarf pattern on the label. But I also got this fantastic girly T…



If you can’t read the photos: “She was quite a nice girl…”; “until she started all that knitting”.

Of course, I had to get the shirt. And I was so excited by it, that I wore it home the next day. Home on the plane. On the international flight back to Los Angeles. The poor wisdom of this didn’t hit me until I was going through Customs/Security at the Vancouver airport. Where the front of the shirt was visible through my open cardigan and jacket. And the security guard asked me what it meant, and I proudly showed off the back as I removed the jacket and zipper cardigan and placed them in the x-ray bin. And I realized I marked myself as someone possibly risky, sporting pointy needles, trying to board an international flight.

Fortunately, everyone had a good laugh. And I got to return to the United States. And I got to keep my needles.


  1. stacey:

    what a cute shirt!!!!! glad they didn’t confiscate it from you!

  2. Chris:

    That’s a fabulous shirt! I’m glad they didn’t take it too seriously. :)

  3. julie:

    I’ve got to have one of those t-shirts!! It is too cool!!

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