What’s wrong with this picture?

Well, nothing’s really wrong. It’s just that I’m gonna have to do something about all those ends. And that’s wrong!

That’s the Baby Cardigan from the fall/winter 2006 Knit It! The matching hat didn’t really need blocking, so it’s not pinned out. I knit this for my new baby niece, Rose, while I was out in Los Angeles. I knew she was on the way, and I picked out the pattern and brought yarn with me and knit it during my off time (so evenings while I was watching TV and, well, in a pedicure chair one day).

Great things about this set — I knit it entirely from stash (yep, Cascade 220 Superwash again, the yarn that can do no wrong). It used up lots of small balls of colors that I didn’t know how I would get rid of (you know the ones, those tiny balls that are too long to be scraps to toss but too short to do much else with). The hat will have 4(!!!!) pom-poms!

So, it’s gonna live on the blocking board for a few days. My house has negative humidity right now, I think, so it will probably be dry tomorrow. We’ll see if I get around to seaming it then. I can’t leave it laying out for long, because my cat, Mough, is gonna wanna start chewing on all of those tasty ends sometime soon. Right now he’s busy investigating the wet tub where it soaked and giving me a review of that. Meanwhile, I’m gonna go off and see if I can manage not to start another project. I think I might have to have a “True Confessions” post again one of these days.