Keep it togther!

Some time ago, Knit Clips came out and I got a set. They’re small clips that you can use to hold knit pieces together while you are seaming them. Well, I’m attaching the sleeves to Mermaid, so I thought I’d try them. Problem is, Mermaid has a small gauge. Which makes the clips seem HUGE.

And the only thing that touches your knitted fabric is that one plastic pin. So, the 5 clips you get in a set might be good for a nice bulky straight seam, but for something fussy like an sleeve attachment, you want really careful alignment of pieces. Well, here’s my drug store solution:

Yep, those are mini hair clips. Easily found in packs of a dozen at any drug store for a few dollars. Example: Walgreens for $3. Compare to $7 for five Knit Klips.

Let’s take a longer view (which do you like better?):

And the bonus with the hair clips? When your bangs get in your face while you’re bent over sewing a seam, you can use one to hold them back.

Why yes, that is Mermaid…