Vogue’s Knitting Book 7th Edition, 1946

The cover features a lovely cream-colored coat and boasts “over 50 new designs”…”in 12 sizes”!

Turns out, the 12 sizes are for the classic sweaters that come sized for kids, women, and men. But, those patterns come in the nifty column-style layout that I found in the Beehive book I last reviewed.

Most of the magazine is black and white, but there are several color pages. A couple are advertisements, but a few feature items to knit:

This top I found somewhat interesting. It’s knit in two pieces. Fortunately, they are sewn together, so you don’t have to simply hope it will stay in place. Of course, you have to sew in the shoulder pads too. I think every pattern called for shoulder pads. Knit it in white, and it could be football padding.

I found the stitch on this sweater to be very interesting. It’s called the ribbon stitch. Might be fun for a scarf.

There were a number of vests. And, I always knit matching gloves….

There was a whole section featuring lacy fashion gloves. Watch me make these keys disappear…

And these ones had a cuff you could roll up!

Most of the ads were rather boring. Mostly for yarns. A few for knitting and sewing tools. But I loved this Susan Bates ad for a children’s knitting kit. Maybe she’s just earnestly concentrating, but that little girl doesn’t look too happy to me. Perhaps it’s the awkward underhand method of holding her needles.

Finally, please someone tell me that this illustration captures the scene at home when you are knitting….

In the end, there were a couple of things that I might try in the future. One is to play around with that ribbon stitch and see what becomes of it. The other is a pair of spiral, no-heel, baby socks. Of course, I have to make a dent in that WIP list I just shared first.