Yarn to the rescue!

Yesterday I went down to NYC for a friend’s masquerade party. I was driving down and I brought the geisha wrap project for my sister because I thought I might want something mindless for a few spare knitting moments (which never materialized - and darned if I don’t know how to drive and knit).

Anyway, I saw something in the latest issue of the British magazine Simply Knitting on Twice Knit’s blog. And so I made sure to swing by my local Borders on the way out. I wasn’t sure if the local one carried it (I find that not all Borders do and I don’t know the formula), but I knew that I pass a store in Connecticut that does if I couldn’t find it. I was in luck. So first I present you with my find:

Which contained these:

If you must know, that’s Issue 25, March 2007. There are still a few issues at my local Borders and I might be convinced to go fetch them…(it’s $9 plus tax and yada). This issue had the patterns for the horse, sheep, and cow; pigs and fowl will be in issue 26.

Anyway, one of the neat things about Simply Knitting is that they often include freebies with the issues. This time, it was a magnetic needle case with a few pins and needles. That’s where the rescue came in.

My friend Marta had this gorgeous mask that she was planning to wear to the party. Problem was, it was mounted on stick, and well, she’d have to hold the stick somewhere, um, unpleasant. So she wanted to remove the stick and attach something to tie it on. After some careful surgery to remove the stick, she was at a loss for what to tie it on with. She wanted some sort of ribbon, but we couldn’t find any in the shops in her neighborhood. So I offered a small length of one of the ribbon yarns I was using for geisha. It wasn’t quite the right color, but it was good enough. She poked careful tiny holes in the mask, but was unable to force the ribbon through them. And asked me if I had a yarn needle or something. Well, I hadn’t brought my usual sack of gear with me, because geisha really only needs scissors. But then I remembered my new Simply Knitting needle case. The needles aren’t as good as Chibi bent-tips, IMHO, but they got the yarn on her mask. Isn’t she beautiful?!