Where do I claim my yarn expenses?

So, I’ve spent most of tonight going through divorce paperwork. We’re using an online service to complete most of it, and we agree on everything and there’s no support issues, so we thought it would be straightforward. And then it turns out, that our income level puts us in a category where we have to complete the Long Form of the Financial Statement. So instead of just asking how much you each make and what your retirement accounts are and such, it wants me to fill out a freaking weekly budget! How much do I spent per week on “food”, and “toiletries”, and “laundry”, and “lottery tickets”. I’ve flipped through all 7 pages and don’t see a specific entry for yarn. Is that “vacation” or “entertainment”?

Anyway, no time for making new stitches tonight. So I’m showing you the Geisha Wrap:

And a close-up:

I didn’t drag the Ott-Lite downstairs, so the shots are a little muted. There’s 4 repeats there, 1.5 of which I did last night. It’s 20 inches long now, it’s supposed to be about 52″. I might make it a little longer than that. So, I have a few more repeats to go.