It needs to be blocked. But it needs no more knitting. It took me a year, but it’s done. Now, I’m off to finalize the spreadsheet!


  1. Ava:

    It’s beautiful! Congratulations! I have to finish mine now.

  2. hpny knits:

    it is magnificent!!! it would be great to see it on. you are a true inspiration. I have to start mine.
    ( I still have your spread sheet from last year, but would love an update, thanks.)

  3. Mintyfresh:

    congrats, amy!

  4. jess:

    it’s gorgeous! congratulations! well worth the wait, I betcha. :)

  5. Jeanne:

    Beautiful! Congrats on finishing it - this has always been on my wish list…and everytime I see a finished one it moves up the list!

  6. stacey:

    nice!!!! i’ve always eyed this pattern - very pretty!

  7. Anna:

    Let’s see it on! I’m glad that other people think finishes are anti-climactic too. I just don’t get the happy-dance thing.

  8. Pat:


    It’s absolutely gorgeous. I’ve waited a long time to see the finished piece and it’s definitely been worth the wait. Have you any plans when to wear it?
    Congratulations on a job well done.

  9. Chris:

    Anticlimatic? Not at all! It’s gorgeous - congrats! Mine is still in the bag…

  10. Donna:

    Oooh, I’ve been waiting for this - congratulations!

  11. aija:

    I think its wonderful!! I’ve loved this pattern ever since seeing it.

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