Living the dream

Today I knit while working.

I working on a very large report. And some of it is at the point where I’m reviewing page proofs. So, I carefully read a bunch of pages and lift a pen occasionally to mark something. I also had a simple stockinette-in-the-round project with me, so I figured, what the hell. I pulled it out and knit while I was proofing. A few people came into my office about other parts of the report while I was doing it. No one said a word. Sadly, tomorrow I’ll have to do a lot more interactive editing, so probably won’t get a chance to knit because I’ll be too busy typing. Oh well, fun while it lasted.

Also, I wanted to let you all know that my stash sale will start tomorrow at 3pm, EST. I’ve got 38 different things that are looking for new homes and all the money goes to benefit my 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk. You don’t pay me, you pay them! So you get fiber goodies and a tax donation all in one! Don’t forget to look early before all the good stuff goes!