At the end of my cable…

I’m back to knitting at work again (good = knitting yay! bad = doing lots of page proofs boo!). And yesterday, one of my Knit Picks Options cables broke. The cable pulled out of the end piece. It had been loose for a while, but there was a loud pop (literally, it was quite impressive) and suddenly the stitches fell off. Now, this isn’t the disaster it could have been. I was knitting large-gauge stockinette and had another needle around to scoop up the stitches onto. The project was getting to the point where I thought I’d need two circulars anyway to work it, so I had one to switch it out. And as long as the broken side is on the left hand needle, where I’m pushing stitches onto it, not away from it, it’s all good.

Anyway, it was a clean disconnect and I’m thinking that a dab of superglue in the hole might fix it. Anyone have any experience with this?

In other news, I went poking around Knit Picks’ site when looking up the Options URL and noticed that they’ve done a redesign. Some things are much better — it’s much easier to find yarns now (I hated that search form before when I just wanted to browse certain categories). Some things perplexed me — of course I had to place an order, but there’s a “Qty” box and a “Add to Stash” button (how cute, not a cart, but a stash). If I just want one of something, I shouldn’t have to enter a quantity. It should default to 1. And it didn’t. And the “Qty” field is sort of muted. So I had to call them to figure out why I couldn’t add coil-less safety pins to my order after trying several times. Okay, so maybe I’m lame and blind and shouldn’t be shopping at 7am. But I’m also a savvy-surfer and shouldn’t have been frustrated by that. They want to make it easy for me to buy something, not hard.

I also noticed that their funky KIPer project bags are on clearance. I guess they weren’t as successful as Options. If you’re curious about trying them, or have a couple but wanted to get the other sizes, go now!