Hour 22

It goes so fast. So much time and not nearly as much accomplished as I’d expected.

Since my last update, I’ve finished the Baby Surplice Jacket. All it needs now is a couple of buttons. And I have one ball of yarn left, so I’ll probably make a matching hat.

The finishing of this one was a blast. I decided to do a wrong-side 3-needle bind-off to do the shoulder seams, so from the right side, the garter pattern seems almost unbroken. I also decided not to do any fancy finishing like cuffs or i-cord. I think the sleeves could probably be a little longer, so on the next one I probably will not bind off the cuff stitches, but continue out the ribs there.

I also finished my next Walker Project swatch:

I really have to stop making those and move on to some projects that have been languishing much longer….


  1. Becky:

    Love the baby sweater, Amy. What yarn did you use? And is this the sweater pattern from Vogue Knitting?

  2. Chris:

    You don’t think you got much done?! Wha…??? It was that dang sleeping… ;) I love that baby sweater!

  3. Julia in California:

    I just started that sweater yesterday. Yours looks lovely. The yarn I chose doesn’t have such a long repeat, I’m looking at yours with green eyes.

    How are you going to do the buttons? How many will you use?

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