What to do after a big FO?

Seriously? You want a giant glove pattern?!

I was half thinking about putting something together. Even sketched something out. But then I’d have to knit a prototype to test the pattern. And really, I don’t have that in me. And where would it end? Because a giant glove would need a giant hat. And a giant sock. And a giant scarf. And while “Knitting for Giants” is probably a new niche for knitting books, I think I’ll leave the giant pattern writing to others.

Instead, I started thinking about what to do next. I still have a pile of FOs that need attention. Some much less than others. But I figured that after finishing something so big, I really deserved to start something new. And while my realtor was having my first open house, I found myself returning things near a Fabric Place. So I wandered in and looked around at the yarn. And some ideas I’ve had for a pattern to support my Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk started percolating. And I bought some swatching yarn.

I went over to a friend’s house to pick up my cat, who was banished for the weekend, and sat and watched a movie with her. And hand-wound the new yarn. And started swatching:

But that’s all you get.