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I haven’t seen anyone post about these yet, so it could be that I have my head in a hole, but I’m sharing anyway. If you’ve already heard of them, pat me on the head and scroll down to the actual knitting content below.

From time to time I talk to people about this blog and there’s never anything convenient to write the whole URL down on, so I just offer up “you can google ‘needles & hooks’ and I’ll pop right up”. When I was planning to go see The Yarn Harlot, and planning to bring my Giant Glove, I decided to splurge on something a friend of mine had shown me, fun little mini-photo cards: Moo Cards. You upload photos, you pick what you want the back to say, you give them your credit card, and $25 and about a week later, you get 100 fun little cards.

I picked a selection of images of my finished knitted items (a sample of the blog, right in a box):

Sadly, they didn’t arrive in time for my Harlot visit, but next time you see me, I can hand you one. They really are tiny:

Now for the knitting content

Most of the stuff I bought at Webs will be used as raffle prizes when I ask you all to donate to my Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk one of these days soon, so I’m not going to show it to you now. But I did get a few things for projects. Including a pile of white cotton for this:

That’s a swatch for this vest, which I’m knitting long as a beach cover-up for a friend. I’ve only got 3 weeks before she goes on vacation, so you’ll be seeing a lot of it.


  1. Chris:

    Oh, those are cute cards! I just print business cards with my blog button on them…

  2. stacey:

    love the cards! Someone gave me one at the MD festival and they are the perfect size for bloggers!

  3. Romi:

    How fun! I love those cards.

    And that’s a great vest. Thanks for the links!

  4. sparkle j:

    I love moo cards! I have ones with my crocheted gnomes and mushrooms on them. They’re great conversation pieces on their own, too.

    Love the pattern in the swatch.

    (I can’t believe I missed out on the GLOVE at Webs! I should have been paying more attention.)

  5. Kim U:

    I love moo cards! I need to order some more, I’m just about out of them.

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