Other stuff I did with my hands

I caught a bug:

Yes, I started playing with chainmaille. My sister Lisa, a much more talented jewelry maker than myself (that’s fine, she can’t knit), made some pieces that fascinated me a few years ago. Since then, I have perused bead magazines and sent her ones that have neat chainmaille patterns in them. Last week, I stumbled upon Bead & Button’s Wirework issue. I picked it up for her, but showed it to a friend, Kim, who has a thing for maille. And Kim realized that she could make it herself. And in looking into it online for her and Lisa, I realized I could probably do it too.

After a couple of days surfing maille sites and not knitting sites, I’d ordered a kit, but decided that wasn’t quite quick enough for me. And I passed a bead store last night and bought a small pile of aluminum jump rings. I used to do a lot more with beading, but got bored with it because it was so much effort for so little product. But after an hour with a couple of pairs of pliers, I had that bracelet. Here’s a close-up:

It’s not perfect. They didn’t have the size jump rings I wanted in stock, so I had to go with some slightly bigger and my aspect ratio is a little large for the pattern I was going for. In knitting terms, my gauge was too large for my yarn and thus the fabric is too loose. But it’s still not bad for a first try and it’s very shiney. I could insert some beads into it too, and I might. It’s a toy project after all. Can’t wait for my kit to arrive. It appeals to me for the same reason that knitting does, there’s a mathematical aspect to it. But it’s also something of a puzzle, which is also very fun.

So, that wasn’t all I did last night. I also did this:

Those are a bunch of different brownies for a bake sale at work to benefit my Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. I have another 6 recipes to try tonight. All my friends brought in pans for me to use so that I could just keep baking. My kitchen is perfect for mass baking like this, I’m going to miss it when it sells. Speaking of which, how do you hide 6 pans of brownies so that the house is ready to show at a moment’s notice?

Sssshhhh, don’t open that cupboard!