High-Speed Life

Okay, so I’ve been in a funk and haven’t been posting or doing much. I’ve also not been reading my knitting e-mail, so I’m way behind on Hanne spreadsheet responses (I apologize). But life is kicking into high gear, so I’m trying to get back into things. So this post will be sort of kitchen sink-ish.

First up, an FO! I successfully finished the Princess Cover-up. My version is longer than the pattern and wider as well. Also, after pinning it together and trying it on my friend, Kim, we decided that the neckline should curve a little more than it does, so I ripped it out some and did some reshaping.

Here’s some high-speed blocking of it:

I say “high-speed” because I blocked the fronts and backs on top of each other. That way I could make sure that everything lined up well and also, my blocking board is only so big. I used blocking wires and pinned it out. And then I set it in the sun to dry - no need to worry about fading!

And here it is all finished. Currently, it’s on a beach in St. Martin.

Communication News
Another way life is high-speed is that I splurged and bought an iPhone when I was out shopping on Independence Day. I’ve always been an Apple fan, but I really had a lot of good reasons why I wasn’t planning on getting one right away. But when I was shopping for a wedding present, I decided to just look. And that was my undoing. And after wandering in and out of the Apple Store for about 2 hours asking questions, someone returned an 8GB model, so it was fate that I buy it.

This thing is more fantastic than I can possibly say. You have to wrap your head around something entirely new. It’s not merely an overpriced phone. It’s not merely an overpriced, low-storage, wide-screen iPod. It’s not merely a Palm Pilot wannabe. It takes all of those things and wraps them together in a new way and anticipates just about your every need in a beautiful package. And because it’s Apple, it just works and just makes sense. Nothing like driving out to run some errands and remember that you forgot to look something up before you left, and then realizing that you can look it up at the store on your phone. Or to have your realtor e-mail you a PDF of the offer on your house while you’re driving home, pull over to read it (seriously, read it), and then call your nearly ex-husband to discuss it.

Which brings us to…

Life News
We accepted an offer on our house on Friday night. It’s less than we wanted, less than we paid, but we’ll get out of it without owing anything, and it will be done. Inspection is Monday and then I can stop living in a museum. If all goes well, closing is Aug 17, which means I have a lot of stuff to figure out by then!

So one of my chores is to actually finish all the little things hanging around the house. You should see more posts. And another Breast Cancer Stash Sale soon. And if I can manage it, a Breast Cancer Donation Raffle too.

Mail Call
A month or so ago, I got an e-mail about the new StringDirect Club from String in NYC. Somehow, I interpreted what I read to mean that it would be more than simply a pattern-a-month club, that I’d actually get a small sample of the featured yarn. I know that String mostly carries high-end yarns, so I wasn’t expecting a full skein, but a few yards to make a tiny swatch and see how the yarn felt was what I was expecting. And with this expectation, I signed up right away. And no samples are included. I can’t find my original e-mail about it, so I don’t know what I was smoking when I signed up, but now I’m annoyed. I’m thinking about cancelling even if I don’t get a refund, just because I don’t really want more patterns I’m never going to use. I did get an autographed copy of their Luxury Knitting book. But, as a Club idea, meh.

In happier mail, I also got a surprise card from ThreadBear with a gift certificate in it! I’m not sure what I did to deserve such a thing, but it did make me smile at a time when smiles are precious, so thank you very much Matt and Rob! And I just booked a plane ticket back to Michigan to spend it! Okay, no, I’m actually going to a cousin’s wedding. But I think I can make a side trip.