Once again, I knit

Okay, the last month since I posted has been crazy hectic. After I got back from my family reunion, I started packing up my house in earnest to move out. Then I was in Los Angeles for work for two weeks, sequestered in a freezing room with no internet or phone access. I would take “warmth breaks” out to my greenhouse-effect car in the parking lot to elevate my core temperature and reconnect with the world on my iPhone. But I was able to read Harry Potter in my hotel room. Then I got back and had one week to be out of the house. Panic ensued. But last Friday, at 10:30am, the house was cleared out. Then there was a shower, the closing, and a weekend of sloth. And now I’m divorced and homeless.

I’m living at a friend’s house for now (he lives with his fiancee, two doors away). It’s under reconstruction, so it’s not ideal, but it’s sort of familiar - my mom started remodeling the house I grew up in when I was five. That was 30 years ago, it’s still not done. My cat, Mough, is staying with another friend (because construction zones aren’t the safest place for a cat), until my Ex gets keys to his new apartment in another week. My longer term plans are up in the air. But I’m heading back to Los Angeles and Seclusion for another 3 weeks starting on Monday. So they can stay up in the air for a while longer.

But, now that some of the BIG THINGS are off my plate, I can get back to the fun things. For all the flying I’m doing in the near term, I’m working on some hoodies for my nieces. I don’t have photos yet, but they will be super cute. And miles of small-gauge stockinette is a perfect flying activity. I do have some photos of some recent FOs I’ve mentioned.

This is Sheldon from Knitty.

I made him for my niece, Grace, who just had her 3rd birthday. He was a favorite who achieved instant bedtime buddy status. I spoke to my SIL on the phone a few days after she received it and I mentioned that the shell was removable. So later, she said “Hey Grace, look!” and pulled Sheldon out of his shell. Grace shrieked “he’s naked!” and jumped up and grabbed a hat and stuck him in it. No, Sheldon was not anatomically correct, but Grace was very concerned for his modesty.

This is my sister, Lisa, modeling the Geisha Wrap I made for her:

The pattern came with a project kit of Colinette from ThreadBear when I visited last February. I assembled the wrong edges, but Lisa adores it, so that way it stays. This is the wrap my mother was hideously jealous of, causing me to have to return to ThreadBear (oh, the horrors), and buy another kit for her. But that one stays in hibernation until the hoodies are done.

Anyway, it’s good to be back.