Excuse me, how do I use this again?

Seems so long, I’m not sure I remember how to blog anymore.

My post-divorce, post-house life has been kind of crazy, and my internet access has been far less than it was. I spent most of September working in Los Angeles in a room without access to the outside world. And where I’m living right now doesn’t really have internet access either. I bring my work laptop home and use its wireless dial-up card to check a little e-mail in the evenings. And my commute is LONG! now. Not a lot of time left in life to do fun things, like blog. Or knit much. In fact, this post was written in some stolen moments while waiting for feedback on a big presentation I worked most of the weekend and 18 hours yesterday on (and really, I meant to write it yesterday). Oh, and when I’m not driving or working, I’m out doing training walks for my 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk. This past weekend, I walked 28 miles in total. Today, I have to find time to walk another 5. Oh, and 90% of my belongings are in storage. Makes me feel a little scattered at times.

I do remember how to knit. In fact, last week I went to a knit night at my LYS. I’m slowly making progress on the hoodie for my little niece. And despite all of that, my eyes are bigger than my hands right now, and I keep buying more yarn for more projects: 1.5 kiddie hoodies, a baby sweater and hat, 3 pairs of socks, a wrap, and a cat sweater. I need a stern talking to.

I did find some time to read, and I blazed my way through Crazy Aunt Purl’s book in 24 hours. I loved it. Maybe that’s just because she’s only like 2 steps ahead of me in life right now.

My October resolution is to get back on top of a few things, like blogging, my knitting projects (both in stash and online - hey Hanne fans!), my checkbook (work travel and no rent means this isn’t as dire as it could be), and sorting out my storage space. And my 3-Day Walk is coming up and I have been planning a fundraising raffle. If I get home before the sun goes today, you’ll get an announcement tomorrow. Otherwise, well, I have Columbus Day off!

And if I finish up my slides with some time to spare, I might make another post, this time with photos!

Tomorrow I’m back to Los Angeles for a couple more meetings (that big presentation). Maybe some more free time. Definitely knitting time on the plane if I don’t sleep the flight away. Which is very likely, especially since I scored a first class upgrade.