Proof of knitting

That’s the front and most of the back of the Ruby kangaroo hoodie from Bees Knees Knits for my niece. I finished the back on my flight this morning and did the 3-needle bind-off for the shoulder seams. I should be able to get the sleeves going for my next flight. The yarn is Lang Jawoll because they do a really good job of making coordinating solid colors for their jacquards. The sleeves and hood will be in the jacquard.

Also today, I show you the last few things I bought at ThreadBear last time I was in Michigan.

This is the Colinette kit for the wrap that my Mom lusted after. I can’t remember the name of the pattern right now, nor the colorway. But lots of purples and reds and greens.

And this is a ball of 3 different Jitterbug solids that were twined together fetchingly on the shelf. Cream, olive, and purple (of course). I remember a conversation about striped socks knitting all 3 at the same time, like a group shawl. And there was a name I was supposed to e-mail about for some hints on getting it going. And I wrote it down. And that was back when I still owned a house, so who knows where that paper got to. But, you know me, I figured out the basics in my head and I’ll be making a go of it. I think it’s the purple that makes me do impulsive things like buy sock yarn I don’t need for a pattern that is a whisp of imagination.

Okay, enough with purple, tomorrow I’m going to announce my fundraising raffle, so start thinking pink!