All about the sock yarn

I’ve been making progress on the sleeves for my Ruby hoodie. Two at once, so even though I’ve been knitting forever, not much to see:

I’ve got about 2.5 inches on each sleeve, aiming for 10.5 inches before shaping the sleeve cap. I’m increasing every 4th row and the width is getting to the point where I’m going through about one color per row. I should get some interesting pooling soon instead of the jacquard pattern.

In other news, if you’re waiting on one of my Hanne spreadsheets, I’m in the middle of processing those requests. I’m caught up with Mermaid (so please re-send your request if you haven’t heard from me). I going to catch up with LaStrada next. And I have some issues to resolve with Ballerina, so that will be next week.

And here’s today’s new Breast Cancer 3-Day Raffle prize(s)

Prizes #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, and #12 - Lang BeBe Superwash wool sock yarn. Each prize is two 50g balls in a single colorway, enough to make a pair of socks. Each ball comes in a neat little square bag, all ready to center-pull! I was enchanted when I saw these and had to get every color Webs had for prizes:

For those of you stashbusters on yarn diets, remember: you’re not buying yarn, you’re donating to a good cause; if yarn comes to you from it, it was karma. Donate now!