Knitting-related injury!

I’m in the last throes of frantic holiday present finishing. By my calculation, Saturday noon is the drop dead time ensuring that my package gets to the UPS Store in time to make the “usually 4pm, but during holidays no guarantee” pick up for “Next Day Air” Monday 24th delivery. I’ve got a couple of knitted projects, and a few beaded projects that have to be in that shipment. Jamming through the knitting, over the last week, I was working on a magic-loop project, and pulling tight between needles to avoid ladders. And thus, those first few stitches were hard to work, so I was pushing with my index finger against the left needle. And it was starting to get a little bruised, but okay as I knit late into the night. The next day, I picked up my knitting again and the first push was killer-painful. I looked at my finger to discover an incision. Near as I can figure, the repeated pressure on the finger caused the skin to separate across a fingerprint line. Ouch!!! Fortunately, I had a project I could switch to that didn’t require such tight stitches and I could work around the injury and keep going. But how weird!