Catching up

Now that frantic holiday knitting is out of the way and all the visits are over, I’m trying to catch up on things. Despite the injury I discussed in my last post, I knit like a madwoman and worked on some beaded tree ornaments. The whole time, I was sitting in front of my computer, watching Project Runway Canada on YouTube. A user named MsRoyalT has posted the entire season and I watched it in a 2-day marathon. As they were slaving away long hours in the sewing room, I was doing the same. It was an odd kind of kinship.

When I got back from visiting home, I used my New Years holiday to finally mail off yarn prizes to everyone who donated to my 3-Day fundraising raffle. Everyone who donated during the raffle got a prize, and there are still some left over. I think they’ll become part of a stash sale next year. Or maybe an auction. Anyway, many, many thanks to every who supported me. I raised over $5000.00 with the raffle, the stash sale, bake sales at work, and other donations. It was all greatly appreciated. I also sat down and wrote up my experiences. Here is my recap and photos.

I have more catch up chores to do, and I want to post photos of my holiday pieces, but first, I need to find my camera. So, stay tuned.