Adventures in Dyeing

As part of my preparations for Dye-O-Rama, I played around with making a warping board and calculating how to accomplish self-striping patterns. I wrote up my experiences in a series of posts that I’ve collected here for easy reference.

An overview of the whole procedure.

Part One: Let’s Do The Yarn Warp Again
Creating an inexpensive, completely adjustable warping board to wind yarn for dyeing stripes.

Part Two: She Winded Me With Science!
Drawing up a target striping pattern, determining how much yarn is needed for each color stripe you want, and translating it into what you need to wind on your warping board.

Part Three: Wind Science!
How to wind your warping board to make what you planned out and calculated.

Part Four: Real Kool World
Applying dye (in this case, Kool-Aid) to the yarn you wound up.

Part Five: Kitchenware and Candycolors
A colletion of other kitchen items that are useful in the dyeing process.

Further Adventures in Dyeing

Other useful tools and trying new striping patterns.

Through Thick and Thin
How to work with stripes of different widths and the difference that knitting flat and knitting in the round makes to your stripes.

Translating Swatch to Sock
How to scale up your calculations to wind yarn for larger items.