Knitters Represent!

My ITMFA cross-stitch piece ended up on the ITMFA site today. Reader Abigail gave Dan a head’s up and he posted the photo (thanks, Abigail!). I’m mailing him the original to adorn the office.

He also copied the post to The Stranger’s staff blog, Slog, where the first comment was someone blasting me for wasting my time making pretty craft pieces instead of “doing work that will create actual political change”. They signed the comment “Too much time on their hands”. You can read the rebuttals that both Dan and I made there.

There are a lot of things that bother me implicit in that criticism. That smart people can’t be crafty. Or that crafty people can’t be smart. That crafty art isn’t valid. That you have to speak with the right voice or you shouldn’t speak at all. That there’s something specific I need to be doing to create change (not that my flamer gave any suggestions). Whatever happened to “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”?

Never mind that I vote. Never mind that I contribute to causes I believe in with both my time and my money (local politicians, national politicians, and Planned Parenthood in recent months). Never mind that I did a 60-mile walk for breast cancer last October or that I’m spending 4 days volunteering as a camp grunt for the Boston 3-Day Walk this year (as a volunteer, I don’t have a fundraising requirement this time, but if you’d like to support me, click here). Never mind that I boycott Wal-Mart. Never mind that I support small businesses with many of my yarn purchases. Apparently, some people feel all that is invalidated because I chose to spend a little time with a needle and thread.

I think that you never know how someone is going to finally hear your message. Maybe it’s in a classroom. Maybe it’s on a bus. Maybe it’s on a TV show. Maybe it’s reading a knitting blog. It doesn’t always sink in the first time around. Or the second. Or until the government logs all of our phone calls and gas costs $6 a gallon. But if you spread it around in enough ways, people will start to notice, and it will be there when they finally are ready to hear it.

I think several of you heard about ITMFA for the first time by reading my blog. Maybe you’ll make your own handcraft (Kerstin is designing a knit handbag!). Maybe you’ll buy a pin from Dan. Maybe you’ll buy one of the t-shirts or stickers that others have designed. Maybe you’ll start lobbying your elected representatives. And your voices will join the groundswell and maybe the people who got voted into office and can do something about it will finally listen and start an investigation.

So, for all of that:

If you have a slight objection to the language, an good alternate is “Impeach The Massive Failure Already”.

Oh, and yes, I really did buy a copy of Styx’s Paradise Theater just so I could listen to “Too Much Time On My Hands”. I’m listening to it while I write this.

Thanks for reading.


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