In the Blogosphere

Sure, I following a lot of knitting blogs (see that monstrous blogroll -> ). But I’m also a ring checker for the Knitting Blogs Webring. That means that I help Julie maintain the ring by visiting a set of 50 blogs every week or two and make sure that they’re still posting, that they’re talking about knitting, and that they’re displaying the ring code on their blog. Some of the blogs aren’t my taste at all, some get added to my blogroll. And I get to see things outside my usual sphere of influence. Sometimes it’s learning about new techniques or products, sometimes it’s new projects that wow me and cause me to twitch with a desire to make them.

Today I found Elabeth’s Noro Kureyon Charlotte’s Web. It’s absolutely gorgeous. And now I want to make one.

Update: Julie posted asking how many blogs people subscribe to. There are a total of 103 feeds in my bloglines. 3 are me (so I can check to make sure my feed is updating properly, both this one and another blog I keep. What’s that you say? What blog is that? Mooses International. It’s a college thing, don’t ask, but by all means, if you like moose, pay us a visit.). 10 are non-knitting/non-crafting. 12 are knitting, but they are in my “hasn’t posted since I last cleaned up Bloglines” folder; I think I’ve replaced 2 of those with updated/corrected feeds, the rest are either broken feeds or defunct blogs. So, that makes 78 mostly knitting blogs that are pretty regularly updated.