Places I’ve knit and other purple things….

I’m back from Michigan. I knit all the way north, I knit in the ICU waiting room, I knit all the way south. Here’s me knitting as we cross the Mackinac Bridge:

Yes, that was early in the life of my grandmother’s shawl. I had cast on 633 stitches and needless to say, I’m still working on it. I also had to buy more yarn.

Here’s what it looks like now:

And a close up of the drops in the center so far:

Because I’m decreasing 4-8 stitches on each row, it’s starting to pick up speed. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how I would make this a pattern to share, and I’ve got a few ideas. Ones that will still give it the same look, but be far less burdensome to knit. I’ve also considered writing it up with levels of difficulty, such that easy would be only one step beyond Clapotis (and without cables) and more challenging would include the cables and a few other details.

My grandfather is doing fairly well. They shocked his heart and got it beating normally again, they cauterized some bleeding in his stomach, and they gave him lots of blood. Grandma got a break too because she got the flu that was going around the hospital and was quarantined for several days. He was released and then had a relapse, but they couldn’t readmit him to the hospital because Medicare won’t let you go back in unless you’ve been out for a certain number of days! He and my grandmother are staying with my uncle and making their way back to southern Michigan to fly home to Florida. His mental state is far less good. I’m not sure he really recognized me at all. He knew there was a familiar face, and he was happy to have guests who didn’t keep trying to stick needles in him (he kept pulling out his IVs), but he asked me if I knew who my grandmother was, so he’s really not all there.

I came home to lots of work and fatigue. This weekend is The Weekend of Amy and I’m not doing anything that doesn’t make me happy, so I slept in, and I took a walk, and I sat in the sun and read, and I finally opened my July Project Colorswap package from Amanda:

Filled with purply Cascade 200, tea, and lots of lavender bath products. And also, some pretty amethyst stitch markers:

Thanks, Amanda!




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