Adventures in Travel and Not Much Knitting

I’m back from my cruise. First, the disclaimer. It was this cruise. Yes, a cruise featuring Barenaked Ladies (the Canadian band). I’m a huge fan, I’ve seen them perform close to 50 times (I have to do a new count after the last tour and seeing them 4 times on the ship), and a pile of my friends and I were on the cruise together. It was non-stop fun. So, the projects I worked on recently all had to do with the cruise in some way.

First, there is this cross-stitch piece for a couple I know (glamour shot in the hotel room):


As you might have guessed, it’s from Subversive Cross-Stitch. I planned ahead before I left home and brought the floss and some spare Aida 14. A trip across the street from my hotel to Bed Bath and Beyond got me a frame. A wash in the hotel sink, lay out to dry on a towel while at work (wonder what the maid thought?!), and the room iron and board and it was all done. And the recipients loved it.

There were a few other gifts to give on the boat, not all of which I remembered to photograph. I made a silly wire and bead pendant that was very much an inside joke kind of thing. I made a neat spiral crochet bag for a birthday gift (and I should be getting the photo soon). But the best was my agony in air travel novelty fur scarf.

I needed to flesh out the gift of the silly pendant, so, seeing as Michael’s was selling most of their novelty yarn at steal prices, I decided to make a long boa scarf out of Bernat’s Boa yarn. 12 stitches wide and 2 skeins long. I cast on the night before I left and made sure I liked the width and then packed it up. But let me back track a bit.

As you might remember, I’m in Los Angeles on an extended work stay. The Friday before my cruise was my last day working. I checked on my flight to Miami and found that American Airlines’ website had no record of it! I called my secretary who called our travel department who said that something had screwed up but that it was all fixed and I should see the flight on the web in 30 mins. I did. So on Saturday I went about packing and getting ready. I spent some time getting the best seat assignment possible, and then I shut it all down and dropped some stuff off at a friend’s house for storage. Then I woke up early on Sunday for my flight from Los Angeles to Miami.

When I got to the airport, the computer wouldn’t let me check in. The self-service agent said there was a problem with my ticket and had me wait in line for a real agent. Fortunately, I’m Gold on AA, so I had a short line. The agent told me that I didn’t have a ticket. “But I have a seat assignment!”, I replied. After some tears (on my part), some heroics (on the agent’s part), and a Platinum MasterCard (on my part), I was in my assigned seats on the overbooked flight with no time to spare. While she was processing my charges, she had me run my large suitcase down to the other end of the terminal to leave it with TSA before they closed out the flight. I ran through security (also a Gold benefit), made a quick panicked call to my secretary, and got on the plane. I finagled the seat next to my best friend and we watched The Queen and Arrested Development and I worked through one ball of the Boa.

We landed in Miami and made our way to baggage claim. Now for the moment of truth. My bag was one of the first off the plane! Yay! So I camped out with our stuff and pulled out Boa, ball 2, and kept knitting while K looked for her bag. And looked. And looked. And I finished the 2nd ball. And her bag wasn’t there. The sum of the story is that we waited for the next flight from L.A., we went back in the morning before the cruise and checked the two red eyes, we called AA and they can’t trace the bag because despite putting 12 bar codes on it, they don’t actually scan bags as they get on and off planes. No more planes are due in before we have to get on the boat, so we go shopping for K and buy her new clothes and toiletries. AA only agrees to pay $75 because they’ll have the bag to us tomorrow; “um, we’re supposed to be at sea tomorrow”. We had one port of call, AA didn’t get the bag there. Fortunately, K bought clothes for the whole cruise. And her bag was in Miami on Friday when we returned.

Okay, so that was a long digression. Anyway, I knit a few stitches on the boat. A scarf I’ve been working on. No great “places I’ve knit” photo with the Atlantic in the background however. Didn’t want to get sunblock on the yarn. I didn’t start the project I’d intended to. But tonight is new Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars, so maybe then.


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All this and cross-stitch too!