A Real Post.

This one includes pictures.

First, last I posted, I mentioned I was doing Weavette squares for this year’s ornament. And so I did. Here it is on the tree.

What I did was make two squares, one including beading, and then crochet them together with some stuffing. The beading was the trickiest part. I made a blank white square first and then I used markers to note which top strings I wanted to put beads on. Then I made sort of a pattern on paper per vertical string:
- String 1: (down) 2 green 2 red
- String 3: (up) 4 green 2 red
- String 5: (down) 1 color 4 green

And so on. The things you have to note are that there are two sets of vertical strings, even numbers and odd numbers, so I had two sets of lists. Further, you’re winding up and down, so that’s why I listed which direction the strings were going. Finally, I strung all the beads onto my yarn before I started winding the weavette. Making sure to swap which order I loaded the beads depending on whether the string was up or down. Then, with my loaded yarn, I wound the Weavette. When I placed a vertical that had beading, I slid those beads down. When I did the final weaving, I’d move the beads into place before running the needle. Took a bit of fussing, but comes out neat.

Here’s a close-up:

And here’s the back (my initials and year in backstitch):

On Jan 2, I came back out to L.A. for more work. I’m away from home until Mid-February working on a project out here. The days are long and tedious. I’m on site by 8:30am and I usually don’t get back to my hotel until about 7pm every night. I’ve done a little knitting, but not nearly what I’d hoped.

But there is a break in site. Tomorrow I leave for a cruise! So I’m in the middle of putting everything on hold while I’m gone. I’m sorting things for “leave behind” and “take on cruise”, I’m doing a ring check of my section of the knitting blog ring, I’m doing a gauge swatch for a project I want to do on the cruise, I’m listening to vintage Madonna, and I’m playing the very addictive FizzBall. Somehow I’m not good at focusing on any one of these activities, so I click on a blog, knit a row while I wait for slow hotel downloads, then play a round of Fizz.

And I have to give up my laptop in an hour so that I can stash some stuff at a friend’s house while I’m gone. See you all later!


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