Vogue’s Knitting Book 8th Edition, 1947

This issue starts out with a strong cover:

That’s a ribbed sweater knit sideways, sleeve to sleeve, so that the ribs are actually alternating bands of stockinette and reverse stockinette. Knit in only 2 pieces, it includes shoulder and torso shaping and I think it would still be cute today.

There were a couple of other things that I thought were cute. This is a simple stockinette sweater. I really like the half stripes.

And here are a couple of evening wear items. Both include sequins and beads sewn onto the piece during finishing.

This issue also contained its share of knitted horrors. This dress would have been perfectly nice. But they had to go and sew on those diagonal ruffles.

On the top of this page is a “crocheted bed-jacket with bow and softly ruffled edges”. No comment. At the bottom is a knitted one-piece bathing suit. That no one would ever wear in water.

No close-up of this page, because really, I want to spare you. In the middle, item #30, that’s an outfit with knitted shorts. And item #31? That woman is covering her ears to try to block out the loud intarsia roosters near her neck.

Moving on to the advertising. This is an ad for Lion Brand yarns. “Quality since 1870…At better stores everywhere”. I’ll let the yarn snobs and the big box store reverse-snobs fight this one out in their own heads.

I found this one interesting. “Easy to make beautiful rugs from old clothing”. You know those “knit a purse with fabric strips” kits? This is its predecessor. Use the “texing” needle to weave torn or bias cut strips of material into a “richly thick reversible rug”.

Rug making was also a family activity. At first, I thought this a was a father-daugther project. Then I realized they could be a married couple. Raise your hand if your man would make a rug with you!

This really is a mother-daughter project. Or maybe it’s a woman her Mini-me.

You thought it was bad when your cat or dog got into your stash….

And this one just makes me smile.


Vogue’s Knitting Book 7th Edition, 1946


Hand Knits by Beehive, 1944