Adventures in Harlotry…

…or “I saw that on the Internet!!”

Last night The Giant Glove and I went on a little excursion to meet The Yarn Harlot. In the middle of the afternoon, I exchanged vehicles with my friend because The Hand won’t fit in my Honda Civic. We loaded it into the back seat of her extended cab pickup and I climbed up into the largest vehicle I have ever driven for the 90-mile trek to Webs.

Because there were 600 people registered for the event, it was held a little distance away from the store at a theater. I got there around 5:15 and took a seat near the back. My goodie bag contained a ball of red Cashmerino Aran and pair of Boye straight needles. I pulled out a smaller glove to knit on and settled in. At 6pm, Stephanie took the stage and entertained us for about an hour. She took questions for another half hour. At the first bit of final applause, I was up and out the door so I could drive The Hand to the store and get in line.

When I got to the store, the employees were all thrilled to see The Glove. And as luck would have it, we (The Glove and I) were first in line for the signing. I sat down and waited. I fielded a number of questions and The Glove received a lot of attention.

Around 7:45, the signing began. A few people had been placed in a priority line for various reasons and they were allowed to go first. I held back and shielded the Glove so their Harlot time was not hijacked. Then it was my turn. I handed her my book to sign and said “Hi Stephanie, about 2 weeks ago you caused my blog traffic to explode when you posted a link to this…” and I pulled The Glove into her view. She was speechless for a minute and looked like this:

Then she finally said “I guess it wasn’t Photoshopped!”

She climbed over boxes and came around the table to take a photo of me sitting in the chair holding her Sock (I’ll link to her photo when she posts it). And then I got a picture of her sitting in it:

She signed my book and I moved The Glove off to the side, in front of a display of weaving shuttles, while I got down to the more serious business of shopping. On occasion, I came back near it to see people taking photos in or with it, and I overheard lots of “I saw this on the Internet!” I talked with people from time to time about it and was implored to take it on the road to places like Rhinebeck and MS&W. I suppose if I’ll be in town for the Boston Knit-Out this year, I’ll have to borrow the Truck again.

Around 9pm, I had paid for my purchases (that in a later post) and picked up The Hand. It gave a wave to the sales staff and I loaded it back into the Truck and drove home.

Already I’ve heard from one person who had a Glove Encounter last night. If you took pictures or wrote about it, I’d love to know! Send me an e-mail or leave me a comment and I’ll link you below.

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