Hanne Falkenberg Spreadsheets

I have charted row-by-row spreadsheets for some of Hanne Falkenberg’s designs. The patterns are only available with her kits and because the spreadsheets include so much of the pattern in them, I ask a challenge question based on the pattern to prove that you own it and protect her copyright. All spreadsheets are available in both PDF and Excel formats.

To see a sample of what the Mermaid spreadsheet looks like (Ballerina is very similar, but with different pattern-specific columns), click here.

I have the following designs available:
Mermaid, size medium (v2.01 4/11/2007):
Spreadsheet includes sleeves and has been test knitted by myself and many other knitters.

Ballerina, size S/M and M/L (v0.7):
Spreadsheet is a work in progress. It is currently complete up to and including the 3rd back gusset. I’m working on finishing it but progress has been stalled by my work and life schedule. I’m not knitting this pattern myself, but have several people test knitting the spreadsheet and giving me feedback. I’ll send updates as I get more of the pattern charted or correct mistakes.

LaStrada, size M/L (v0.5 5/22/07)
Spreadsheet is for the right side only, currently. Left side in progress.

If You Would Like A Spreadsheet

Send me an e-mail telling me what pattern you want (and size if you are knitting Ballerina) and which format you prefer (Excel or PDF). I will respond with the challenge question. When you answer it, I will e-mail you the spreadsheet.

Note - if you don’t hear from me right away, don’t worry. I’m under a big deadline at work and am going through some major life changes, so I keep up with my knitting e-mail in spurts.