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I made this one for my mother-in-law. She loves purple, so I did it in ever darker purple blends. It was a lot of fun to collect the yarn, and I got far too much extra Koigu because there were some balls that I just couldn’t put down.

I had a little fuss initially with the pattern and I changed the technique used for the double-decreases so that I found them more pleasing. Those changes are detailed below.

Overall, it was pretty straightforward. I used a lot of stitch markers and made steady progress on it. And my mother-in-law adores it.


The written directions are wrong for the mirroring on right and left. As written, they just reverse the directions for the right side to make the left side, but a k2tog is not a mirror of itself. Really, the stitch pattern for the left side should just be a repeat of that for the right.

I’ve modified the stitch that’s a double decrease. The way it is written, the first stitch lies on top. However, it’s use to join two symmetrical sides and making it a left-slanting decrease breaks this symmetry. So I’ve made it a centered double decrease.

Useful References

Uli: Has an Excel chart that lists the number of stitches on each row, etc.
Christina: Has a tutorial on using stitch markers for this project.


The colorway:

About 50 rows:


About 75 rows:

Finished, pre-blocking:

On (and off) the blocking board:

Blocking close-up (center):

Blocking close-up (side):

All finished:

Modeled by my mother-in-law: