Project Notes » Clapotis (Mixed Berries)


This is my third Clapotis, and I made it for myself. I leared a lot about the technique on the first one and I detailed all the information in the project notes for my first one.

I made a matching Cap first. Partly to work out and test the pattern as I was designing it, but also because then I could use the rest of the yarn that I had to make the scarf/shawl.

I used stitch markers, I twisted stitches on both the knit and purl rows, and I mirrored the twists on each side of the ladder. Those are the techniques that provided the look I liked best when I was playing with techniques. See the notes I made for details on those techniques. I weighed the project when I finished the increase section and saved that much aside for working the decrease section. I used the remainder of the yarn to work as many Section 3 repeats as I could. With about 3.5 balls of Lion & Lamb, I think I completed 2 extra Section 3 repeats.

I’ve worn this a few times so far. The scarf is very warm, but the yarn smells a little unpleasant so close to my nose. I think it’s the silk content. But it’s a nice item to bring along. Once you are indoors, you can use it as a shawl for a little extra warmth.

I doubt I’ll be making another full Clapotis. Working the project did give me a fascination for dropped stitches. I have a couple more ideas for things to do with them. I’m sure I’ll detail those ideas on the main page when I get a chance to play with them.


Lorna’s Laces Lion & Lamb in Mixed Berries:

Finished, before dropping stitches:

After dropping stitches:

Close-up without drops:

Close-up with drops:

A couple of shots on me: