Project Notes » Crusoe Socks


Last year I made my sister a lovely turquoise sweater. And when I was out searching for Koigu for my Charlotte’s Web, I saw some blue KPPPM that reminded me of it. So I grabbed it up to make some socks for her.

I knew I wanted to make these toe-up with afterthought heels and I wanted to do something that showcased the variegated colors. I got lucky with a stitch pattern at Knitty when persuing another blog. I went it alone on the modifications.

The socks turned out pretty good. I have some reservations about the size — they seem way too long for me and a little tight around the ankles. But I mailed them off to my sister for her to try. If they don’t fit, I’m happy to fix them.


The colorway:

The front:

The back (the purple rows are where the afterthought heels will go):

Strand pattern close-up:

The finished front, pre-heel:

The finished back, pre-heel:

Inserting the needles to pick up for the heels:

Heel waste yarn removed:

Finished sock: