Project Notes » Elf Attire


My friend, Emma, and I were going to a number of holiday concerts and so I made us some stocking caps. And, because I usually wear sleeveless tops to concerts and thought I might sometimes be cold, I made a matching shrug.

Then my friend Rachel loved the caps so much that I made her one as well.

Elf Shrug Pattern

I alternated stripes every 4 rows.

Using the gauge of my swatches and hat, I cast on a multiple of 6 stitches big enough to fit around my palm and thumb at about the 2nd knuckle. I knit in the round throughout.

After a couple inches, I decreased 6 stitches, evenly spaced, for my wrist.

Trying the shrug on constantly while working the rows, I figured out when to increase to fit my arm as the sleeve grew. Each increase was 6 stitches, evenly spaced. I tried to place all my increases on the 3rd row of a stripe so they would not be visible in the color changes. When the sleeve was long enough to reach my armpit, I started knitting flat. At the halfway point across my back, I transferred the stitches to a holder and started the second sleeve.

I knit the second sleeve identical to the first, but I started with a stripe of the opposite color to the first sleeve. When I reached the 3rd row of the last strip across the back, I grabbed the first sleeve and made a kitchener join between the two halves.

If I were to knit this again, I think I would decrease along the neck edge of the flat portions so it wouldn’t bunch up at my neck as much as it does.

Hat Errata and Modifications

The hat pattern as printed was a slightly different gauge from my yarn and used 5 row stripes. I thought they were too wide, so I used 4 rows and altered the math in the pattern accordingly.

Also, the number of stitches cast on for the cuff isn’t divisible by 4, which is necesary for a 2×2 rib. On the first hats, I simply started with a larger number of stitches, divisible by 4 and 6 (the round decrease by 6). On the last hat, I decided that this orginal number was a little too large, so I started a little smaller and then increased by 4 stitches after the ribbing to get divisible by 6 for the stripes.


Myself and Emma in shrug and hats:

Rachel in hat: