Project Notes » Flore Hat


I saw this kit in my LYS and snatched it up without thinking. And I loved making it. The construction is really unusual. You knit the round of petals in a new color, and then knit it together with the previously worked petals to join it. Thus, there’s not a lot of assembly when you’re finished.

I’ve thought about making a matching jacket, and even bought the right yarn to do it, but I don’t know that I’ll get to it before my niece outgrows the hat. We’ll see. I might just do it anyway, because the challenge gets my creative juices flowing.

Errata & Tips

The pattern calls for 2 sets of identical needles. This is because you knit one set of petals, then put it aside, and knit another set, then you knit both sets together. I tried to do it with the same size of different lengths and it was painful. I didn’t have another set of the same length to try instead. But if I did it again, I think I’d spring for another set of needles. Or borrow them.

When executing the pattern stitch (even rounds), execute the Sl1 as if to knit so that on the stitch ends up untwisted after the odd rounds.

Alternately, if you Sl1 as if to purl, then you can simply knit the odd rounds.


I added a few extra rows to the top of the stem at the end. It just didn’t seem tall enough as instructed.

Also, when tacking down the petals, start at the top and work down. Otherwise it’s harder to do!


I did this so fast that I didn’t get any in-process photos. Kinda wish I had.