Project Notes » Marcel’s Sweater


I started this project the weekend of Thanksgiving 2003. I knit the sleeves and the back rather quickly. Other (baby) projects got in the way, and the front languished. I knit bits of it here and there, often on planes. In early November 2004, I realized that I had this project in progress for nearly a year and that if I focused on it, I could finish the principal knitting by the one year deadline.

So I did.

Then I noticed that my gauge on the front was much tighter than my gauge on the back and sleeves. Blocking didn’t help. So then I needed to frog and re-knit the whole thing. *sigh*

I finally finished the whole thing. I fits well enough. I really like the drape of the fabric. However, I think the shoulder caps are a little too wide and there’s some extra fabric there depending on how I move my arms. And although the collar fits, I’m not all that happy with it. I think it’s a little too loose and not structured enough. The stitch pattern changes in the collar to make it stretch over the head better and I’m not sure, if I redo it, whether I’ll work it on smaller needles or in the original stitch pattern.


Missing symbols:

/ (grey): p2tog
b (white): k yo tbl (this is done on the wrong side and should be read as “knit the yarn over through the back loop”)

Error symbol:

/ (white): (needs an extra twist) slip k-wise, slip k-wise, slip both stitches back to left needle, k2tog through front loops.

Casting on:

For the sleeves I followed the tubular instructions for cast on for row 1. For rows 2-5, I started with the “Next Row” instructions in the pattern. It seemed that if I didn’t, that the extra rows of straight ribbing would overwhelm the points from the arrowhead pattern.

For the body, I had to cast on an even number of stitches, whereas the tubular cast-on instructions leave you with an odd number of stitches. I ended up casting on one more stitch than I needed but knitting two stitches together when I started the arrowhead pattern. I also started “Next Row” in the pattern instructions as row 6, after following the cast-on instructions, giving a couple more rows of straight ribbing before the arrowheads start. And I twisted the stitches in row 4 of the cast-on so that the gauge would match the rest of the hem.


Working the front (again):

It has a neck!

All finished:

And a close-up of the sleeve: