Project Notes » Mouse Baby Set


I made this set for a childhood friend of my husband’s who was having a baby. Despite not knowing the gender of the child, I decided to stick with the blue in the project sample. And it turns out they had a son. The boy is nearly 2 now. We saw him recently, and he still wears the hat!


I was a little unhappy with the gauge of the sweater and the hat in the finished item. It’s supposed to match the gauge of the blanket, which it does, but I think that’s too loose for a garment. If I make it again, I’d use a smaller needle for those pieces.


The pattern calls for making a crochet chain and then tacking it into a circle. Yuck. Instead I crocheted a small circle.

Using a small crochet hook (I used size F/5)…

For the hat (smaller ears):
Ch 2, 8 sc into the first ch. If you crochet around the starting tail when creating the circle, you can pull it tight to close up the hole. Using a yarn needle, put the ending tail through the first sc and out the back; put the starting tail through a nearby stitch. This gives you two ends to insert around the desired stitch on the finished piece and you can tie a knot on the backside to keep it in place.

For the blanket and sweater (larger ears):
Ch 3, sl st into the first stitch to form a ring. 12 sc in ring. Finish as above.


The blanket:

Blanket details:

The hat:

The sweater: