Project Notes » Sock Yarn Gloves


I started these gloves as an experiment with two ideas.

  • I wanted to push the limits of Magic Loop by knitting more than two items at once and I thought 8 fingers of a pair of gloves was just the trick.
  • I wanted to do something with sock yarn besides socks.

So I got started and all went swimmingly. Cuffs were quick, much like socks. The gusset grew and then they sprouted thumbs. I wound off a couple of butterflies and then worked the thumbs at the same time. Then I got to the fingers. I wound off more butterflies and started working on these as well. All 8 at once, boy do I love Magic Loop!

But then the fingers were about a half-inch long and I tried them on. And it was painfully obvious that the pinky finger was way too tight. So I had to frog all the fingers. After doing this, it was easier to proceed on each glove

One glove I continued with Magic Loop 4-fingers-at-once. It went well, but because you form all the fourchettes (the stitches between the fingers) at one time, it leaves gaps that you have to close later. So I tried the second glove one finger at a time. Doing it this way, I was able to pick up a new finger’s fourchette stitches from the previous one, avoiding gaps from the start. I think this is how I would do it in the future.

My gloves are all finished and they’re in my coat pockets. They were a good project, but I think next time I will pick a different yarn. The Opal isn’t all that soft and I think I would have liked a more distinct patterning.


I used these gloves as the subject for a series of photos outlining how I
do Magic Loop. See this post for the details and more photos.


Finished photos first…

Just the cuffs:

Growing thumbs:

Growing fingers:

Four fingers at one time, Magic Loop-style (put a twist in the loop, keeps the end stitches from stretching too much):

Gaps in the fourchettes: