Project Notes » Squiggles Sweater


This sweater is for my mother. She picked it out of the magazine and insisted on the color scheme pictured. It’s a nifty pattern because it’s knit horizontally instead of vertically, so there’s less assembling required. I breezed along on it and had finished the principal knitting (save for embellishments). Then I took it with my on a visit to my mother.

First, she was a little hesitant about the green (which looks exactly as it did in the magazine photos). She thinks she’ll like it better when the colored squiggles get added.

Second, it was too small. Gauge was spot on and all, she just insisted that she was smaller than she is. And she swears she’s losing weight, so it won’t be tight eventually. But I don’t care about eventually, not when I did all that work.

So, because it’s knit horizontally, I decided that I could separate it, knit a few more rows and then kitchener it back together. A fine theory. Except that kitchenering seed stitch is tricky and I had to do it 4 times. It was exhausting.

The squiggles went a lot more quickly. And the sewing of the seams as well. I’m really glad this one is finished.


The magazine pattern doesn’t list the color names used. Here they are:
The main color is #109 Spring Green.

The accent colors are

  • #112 Elf Green
  • #305 Impasse Yellow
  • #N54 Orange You Glad
  • #N44 Husker Red
  • #116 Blue Boy
  • #N89 Roasted Coffee


The first few rows:

The first stripe:

Past the first armhole:

Past the middle back:

In the second armhole:

Part of a sleeve:

First time finished body:

Here’s the kitchenering. Inserting needles to hold the live stitches:

Removing the row between the needles:

Sewing it back together:

Squiggles are starting to be worked on the body:

All finished with squiggles:

Finished with squiggles (folded over to show front):

With one sleeve attached:

All finished (finally!):