Project Notes » Star-shaped Baby Bunting


Sometimes you see a project and you know it would be perfect for a certain person at a certain stage in their lives. Then you have to wait for that stage to arrive. Well, one of those had finally come to pass….

My husband is an avid Simpsons fan. He and J, a friend from grad school, can have whole conversations where they speak nothing but quotes from the show. Well, a few years back I was flipping through a Lion Brand catalog when I saw a star shaped baby bunting. If you watch the show, you know that in the winter, Maggie Simpson (the baby) is always shown in a orange star-shaped snow suit. J didn’t even have a girlfriend at the time, but when I saw this pattern, I knew that someday J would have a child and I would make the Maggie Simpson outfit. So I downloaded the pattern.

Well, J finally got married. And as soon as he e-mailed us that he was expecting a child, I went out and bought orange yarn.

Errata & Modifications

If you add 10 stitches at the crotch, you end up with one more stitch than they show in the pattern chart. In the end, this works out a little better when reducing to finish top of the star because your final row can be a 2-stitch decrease. So, ignore the “half” stitches (how do you do a half stitch?!) they show on the pattern and follow the increases and decreases at the sides of the rows and it will work out nicely.

I found that following the chart exactly made too stark a shape. To smooth things, I made decreases instead of just stopping stitching. At the end of a row, I made a decrease to reduce 1 stitch. To reduce 2 stitches, I worked until the last 3 stitches and did a decrease and left the last stitch unworked. At the beginning of a row, I worked a decrease to reduce by 1 stitch. To reduce 2 stitches, I slipped in the first stitch, then did a decrease in stitches 2 and 3.

By following the directions to the letter, it seems to me that you end up adding the chains for the crotch to the wrong side of the left leg. I switched and did them on the right leg instead of the left leg.


Finished product: