Project Notes » Twisty Baby Set


I gave my sister-in-law a clapotis and cap for Christmas. When she opened the package, my baby niece grabbed the hat and put it on. Thus, I determined that I had to make a hat for her as well. I took the opportunity to make Miss Dashwood, a project I’d eyed on Knitty in the past. And when I bought the yarn, I saw some Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in this bright fun colorway. Because it was the same yarn I’d used to make my SIL’s clapotis set, I decided I’d make mini one for Gracie, too.

Making the hat was quick and easy. I was left with about a half a skein of yarn left and decided to make a scarf. I wanted something to show off the variegation of the yarn, and I played with a number of stitch patterns before setting on a simple chevron design. I intended it to be a simple flat scarf, but as I knit it, the sides folded in and it developed a twist which mirrored the Cap nicely. Because it was turning out so whimsical, I decided to finish it off with some fun tassels.

The hat and scarf were a big hit with Gracie, her mom, and her grandmom. I’m planning to write up the pattern and post it here, so keep your eyes peeled. And I’m looking for a name for the pattern, so if you have some ideas, enter them in the contest.


Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in Uptown, as purchased:

The yarn after winding:

The finished Cap:

The finished set:

Tassel close-up:

Twist close-up:

Chevron close-up:

The perfect model: