Project Notes » Tychus


I made a pile of these hats in December. I was going on a road trip with some friends to see Barenaked Ladies in a few places and we wait outside to talk to the band after the shows. I decided we needed some fun hats to keep us warm.

I choose Knit Picks’ Wool of the Andes because I’d bought a lot of it last year for some Kool-Aid dyeing fun and I had plenty of the natural color left over. Plus, it comes in a wide variety of colors for the contrast. The yarn is used doubled, so each hat took most of 2 balls of each color (although, the natural comes in a different size).

On the big needles, these were quick to knit up. I played around with the short row technique a little bit, because I thought the gap that was left at the points of each color were a little too big. I didn’t make any modification there that I was particularly happy with, so I won’t share any.

After coming back from the long weekend, my husband expressed some desire for a hat of his own. So I ordered a little more yarn and worked one up for him. I wasn’t working under a deadline for this one, so I took a little more care with it. I realized that if I did a provisional cast on with waste yarn, I could finish the hat by grafing the end together with the start for a seamless hat. So I did that with his and it worked beautifully. It’s really nice for this project because the “wrong side” has it’s own charm. My husband wears it either way as the mood strikes him.


My husband’s hat and my hat:

Right side close-up:

Wrong side close-up:

Kathleen and Marta wearing their hats:

Kathleen, myself, Marta, Ed Roberston of Barenaked Ladies, Alison: